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Spanish Fly Racing announces it's second part - a Spark Arrestor Insert for Beta Rev-3 Trials

Following in the philosophy of our GasGas spark arrestor the new Beta unit is also lightweight (only 43 grams), unobtrusive (does not exceed the original silencer length), and easy to install (snaps into the existing silencer end cap). We have received our first production shipment of these beauties and they are ready to ship.

Kickstand project:
We are still rolling on our GasGas trials kickstand project.  The current prototype uses carbon fiber tubing and 6061 T-6 aluminum ends and mounting.  Projected weight savings is 1lb over the stock all steel unit used by GasGas until 2007. Estimated cost will be about $185, watch for pictures of prototypes to follow, it will be sexy… and functional.

GasGas off-road bike subframe project:
This project bit the dust due to GasGas off-road EC models getting a proper subframe in 2007 and the high quotes from our local fabrication shops for the small quantities we were planning on producing.  If you still want one of our subframes we have the jig and drawings and are willing to make you a one off for your 2006 or earlier Gasser, but it will not be cheap (about $350 ea.).  If you are interested just e-mail

Sherco Spark Arrestor project:
Spark arrestors for Sherco 2-stroke models are right around the corner.  These spark arrestors will be almost exactly like our GasGas model but will be anodized blue and have a modified I.D. to fit the Sherco pipe.  Estimated arrival of our first production shipment is March '09, cost will be $74.95.




Fly Info

Spanish Fly Racing puts the grassroots back into grassroots racing.  We are a very small company dedicated to the passionate pursuit of competition at all levels and all the personal satisfaction it brings.   All of the products that we create are spawned from the demands of competition as illustrated by our minimalistic design approach and elegant design solutions.  Why design a new part that only addresses one of the current design’s shortcomings when it is possible to address two or more shortcomings with a single design change?

We proudly recognize that our production and sales volume are low compared to the WalMarts of the motorcycle aftermarket accessory world.  Low volume and low pressure allow us to focus more effort on design and quality, and of course spend more time competing ourselves.

We support motorcycle access not only through individual membership to professional organizations (such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, and the AMA) but also through participation in local clubs both formally and with tools in hand, physically building trails.